Under screen camera

In order to make our smartphone full screen, our latest smartphones include a small spot at the top of the smartphone for the camera to fit in. But, That small notch on the top takes away all the beauty in the smartphone. So, to solve this problem, With a demonstration unit at the mobile world congress in Shanghai, Oppo has come near an innovation showing us the first under screen camera or at least showing us that yes it can be done. We might have full-screen smartphones without any ugly notches on the top and with the cameras fitted in it.

Recently Xiaomi and Oppo both teased their upcoming under screen smartphones. But, it’s different from putting out a video and to show a public model to the audience. Even though the camera would be inside the screen, but still it’ll entirely be noticeable. Since it loses a lot of incoming light to the LCD Player, the camera itself has a larger sensor with bigger pixels on it to better capture all the incoming lights. Of, course this upcoming innovation of Oppo is not going to break world records, but, oppo’s this less resolution cameraphone is one step forward to notchless future, and that I will always support.

New innovations are happening every day. I feel lucky to be in this era of time, and I hope you feel the same way. Come back later tomorrow for new and exciting news like this.