Indian Air Force plane missing near China's border

Indian Air Force plane missing near China’s border


Indian Air Force aircraft has disappeared after flying from AN-32 Assam Jorhat.

Indian Army spokesman Wing Commander Ratnakar Singh said that the crew was carrying 13 people including eight members of the crew and all were connected to the Air Force.

The spokesman said that the aircraft took off from Jorhat for 12.00 noon at 12.00 am for Arunachal Pradesh’s Mechuka Advance Landing Ground. But after some time the aircraft lost contact.

Air traffic control of the aircraft, i.e. the last contact with ATC was held at 1:00 PM.

Indian Air Force started the search after the aircraft reached the Menchuka Advance Landing Ground at the appointed time. The spokesperson said that the aircraft is being explored from all the available resources.


Wing Commander Ratnakar Singh told local journalist Dilip Kumar Sharma that Sukhoi 30 and C 130 Heracles have been engaged in the search operation. Also, the help of the Army and ITBP is also being taken in this work.

In the year 2016, the AN-32 aircraft of Indian Air Force was missing. The plane then flew to Chennai from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, but it disappeared while flying over the Bay of Bengal.

After this, a dense search operation was launched to search for the aircraft. The failure of the IAF’s biggest search operation in the history of the IAF was in vain and this plane could never be found. There were 29 people on board this plane.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that he has talked to Air Marshal Rakesh Singh Bhadauriya regarding missing aircraft.


Rajnath Singh tweeted, “Air Marshal Bhadauriya has told me about the steps taken by the IAF to find the missing plane. I pray for the safety of the passengers in the plane.”


What is AN 32 aircraft

The AN 32 is Antonov 32 aircraft transport logistics carrying aircraft. Indian Air Force has been using it since 1984. It is designed by the Antonov State Corporation of Ukraine.

AN 32 is considered as a reliable aircraft and the IAF has used it in many of its major campaigns.

According to Air Force, the early Antonov aircraft had its first successful flight in 1983. It was incorporated in the Indian Air Force in July 1984. Soviet Airforce received 25 AN-32 aircraft in 1987. In addition, four AN 32 aircraft were awarded to Libya in 2005, while in 2008, Afghan Air Force also got four aircraft.

AN 32-2,500 tonnes can carry weight. This aircraft with two engine capacity can fly at a maximum speed of 530 kilometers per hour.