The victim is alleged that when he was returning from a mosque in Gurudram‘s Sadar area, some youths stopped him and forced him to serve him and later he asked Jai Shri Ram to sloganeers.

Gurujram: A case of trying to spoil communal harmony during Ramzan in Gurugram, adjacent in Delhi emerged. The event happened on Saturday night. The victim was alleged that when he was returning from a mosque in Gurudram’s Sadar area, some youths stopped him and forced to serve him and later he asked Jai Shri Ram to others. When he refused to say the slogan, the accused beat him. The victim is originally a resident of Begusarai of Bihar and works in Taylor’s shop staying in a Gurugram.

The victim told the police that they accused him first to remove his hat and later mistreated him. The victim’s youth alleged that when the accused boys were beating him, then many people were present on the spot but they did not help him. After receiving the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and started investigating the matter by registering the statement of the victim. The police took possession of the CCTV cameras taken around the scene and started investigating them.

Gurupuram police ACP Deepak Kumar said in an interview that according to the victim, the accused fled from the spot with their companions after the assault, the police are currently engaged in identifying the accused on the basis of the investigation of the CCTV footage. However, the accused have not been identified so far. It is worth mentioning that in the last few months this is the second incident of assault with the Muslim family or the youth. Earlier, there were some domineering blood vessels in Gurujram. After a dispute arising from a cricket match in the Bhondasi area of ​​Gurung, the crowd attacked a family and beaten his members with sticks, poles and rods. The police have so far arrested six people.

The video of the incident in which some people were seen beating the men of the family with sticks, while the women of the family were crying and asking them to leave them. Gurpreet ACP Shamsher Singh had told that the incident took place at 5 pm on Thursday when the victims of the family were playing cricket outside their home in Bhup Singh Nagar. This family belongs to the minority community. ‘ Police said that a crowd of about 40 people allegedly attacked the family of Bhonsadi in a family of three to four people.

The police officer had told that a member of the family Sajid was beaten with rods iron till then until he became unconscious. Sajid used to tell that six to seven people who had been drinking had refused to play cricket in the street. When the family continued to play cricket, more than 40 people gathered there and they attacked the family.